Friday, March 12, 2010

cross canadian ragweed

it is friday march 12. im going to be writing about my move to california here in the future. and whatever else happens in that process. i am finishing up my first album right now and am pretty much persuing that along with some possible acting. had a gig at a wine bar called ke cellars on tuesday-which is an odd night for live music, but quite a few people showed up including my buddy phillip who joined me on a few songs with his d'jimbe. right onw i'm waiting on my old college friend jason may to show up here in tyler texas. we are seeing cross canadian ragweed at the electric cowboy. oh yeah! my only problem with cross canadian ragweed is when people call them ccr...ccr is definitely credence clearwater revival not cross canadian ragweed. anyway...i'm watching anchorman right now thinkin about making a margarita. if anyone is actually reading this-you take er easy out there!

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