Thursday, December 8, 2011

essex lights

well hello there! i again haven't been good about keeping up with this thing but i think i'll be better going from here. also sorry about the tester posts...we were trying to get my blog linked up to the essex lights website, which is a new group i'm in. pretty excited about that. the essex lights was started by a guy named michael brower in essex county new jersey. he works in la now, you can read more about him on the official essex lights website where he also has a blog. i met brower at one of the very first coffee shop places i played here in santa monica...he played first that night and talked about a record he was working on...i remember him playing a song about postcards from rio, which i thought was a pretty interesting song...anyway, we met that night and exchanged cds and talked a while, as any good musicians trying to make good contacts would. we happen to stay in touch for one reason or another- i went to his house one time to borrow an audio recorder to record my first full set here in la. of course as things go i didn't hit record properly before i played, which is typical but also makes me mad because i think i did a pretty good version of "strawberry fields forever"...i think it was john lennon's birthday that day. anyway...a few months had passed and we ended up on the same bill again at a coffee shop...this is actually the night the alice cooper guy busted his guitar 15 seconds into his first song-i believe i have a blog about that so you should go back and read some more about that. so a little while after that michael sent me an email about needing a guitar player to join his band to hit the road on the east coast, promote the album, tour etc...So!!! i'm in this new band now and am really excited! i will be needing to update this thing a little more often so get ready for that! along with mike brower and myself we have a really cool drummer in ben nelson or benzo...'cause he kinda plays like bonzo bonham of the great led zeppelin. and last but not least is dedrick the bassist...he's the newest so he still has some hazing to go through. i'm still playing shows on my own but this has quickly become a priority. it's nice to be in a band of dudes as opposed to the lonely road of being a solo guy. we have played our first show, got a permanent rehearsal space, cds came in last night, press kits going out soon, t-shirts in...we will, we will...rock you! i believe we even have a photo shoot coming up soon-so maybe that'll be something good to tell ya bout soon! until then...check out the essex lights!!!

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