Friday, October 19, 2012


Oh man! I know its been a while in between blogs, but there's a lot of good news going on so let me catch you up to speed! The most important news is the birth of a new Davis(the world needs more Davises)! Axton Jay came to hang out with us on October 17...or 16. I got the text from my brother on the 16 at about 11:30 west coast time...but that could be 1:30am Texas time...I'll have to find out for sure. Anyway, I love the name(of course) and from the pictures I've seen he's got big guitar playing hands. I'll try to post a picture where he's already making a perfect C chord!! Atta boy!
In other news the band the Essex Lights flew to New York to do a bit of recording(Drums) and came back here to LA and have started the guitar rhythm and lead tracks. We're playing at the Viper room on the 28th of October which we are very excited about. The Viper room was owned by Johnny Depp for a while until actor River Phoenix overdosed on heroin. So its kindof a Hollywood landmark...not that any of us are going to overdose on anything other than rockin' yer socks off!! I also have an artsy lovely lady friend named Abby Sawyer-from Boulder, Colorado. I may mention Abby in blogs moving forward just to let ya know! I will also try to post a picture of her on here. Its been long enough since I've written in this guy that I may have to re-learn a thing or two. Alright...I need to get ready for work! I'm hoping this short post will get me going again on writing in this thing!
ok...this blogger has changed formats and i cant seem to get a picture up. i'll try again soon! sorry!!

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