Monday, June 7, 2010

The day after the show I got called in to I guess my first day of work at a place called Kay n' Dave's Mexican Cantina. When I got off I got a text from a dude seeing if I wanted to come to a movie at a cemetery...i wasn't sure if the place was called the cemetery or what the deal was. Anyway, I guess there is this Hollywood cemetery where they show movies every Saturday night. This night they were showing Casablanca. After waiting in line we passed through a cemetery to get to a big open field where people hung out on blankets, lawn chairs and pillows, coolers, wine, dogs. It was such a strange scene-like a concert type atmosphere. As the sun set a dj played over the loud speakers music of the time period of big band jazz and Frank Sinatra. When the sun actually did set, a projection came across the side of a huge building and the crown shushed each other as the movie started. Many people whistled and howled as Humphrey Bogart came on screen in his white jacket smoking his cigarette. And much applause every time he said, “here's lookin at you kid”. And the line about all the gin bars in world. It was such a unique way to watch a movie. I can't believe I'd never seen that movie! I loved it! I really liked Sam the piano player!

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