Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello there! The Whiskey gig went pretty good...for the most part. So, to start things off I was trying to get CDs shipped to me in time for the gig-so once I realized I was going to be playing at the whiskey I got a PO box and went to the site where I made the CDs and got to send em to the days went by and by I started getting agitated in the fact that they weren't there. I sent the company an email about it and they said because the CDs are on demand it takes longer to prepare them to ship-they said they may be there on Friday...nothing like coming down to the wire. Well, as it turns out they were not there-i waited until right when I was leaving to check-but no dice. I was trying to get there by 5 for sound check so I left plenty 4:15ish. Pleeeenty of time. I'm going right along following the sweet voice of my British woman Tom Tom. I think I have a bad influence on her...I'm pretty sure she gets confused sometimes...and this was one of those times. Or I may have taken a premature exit...i dunno. But I found the clock getting ever closer to 5 o'clock and I'm circling around neighborhoods somewhere between Culver City and Hollywood. “WE'RE GOING IN CIRCLES WOMAN!!” Needless to say I was a bit frustrated at the fact that I was sortof lost, my Cds didn't arrive and I might not get a sound check. Well, my British lady came through and I came up on the Sunset strip with about 4 minutes to spare and there on the Marquee at the Whiskey was my name in lights saying grady be good tonight. That got me in a bit of a better mood. And actually like I thought-after talking to the sound man I really didn't need to do sound check at 5 seeing as they were just going to plug me into the PA. So I had time to wonder around the club, go backstage, check out the other guys sound checking, whatever. I noodled around on the guitar for a minute but then took to the streets to explore. I found a little place around the corner with a happy hour and the Foo Fighters story tellers on the tube so I thought it a good Idea to stop in for a blue moon. I meet up with a few friends who were coming also, so that was good but then decided it was time to go in and do some warming up. I found the doors locked and a small line outside. I knocked on the door to tell the guy I was the first guy going on and I wanted in...he said, “'ll be the first guy in when we open the doors.” uh...ok. So I stood in line to get into the show that I was playing. When they let me in the sound guy said, “it's 7:56-we need you going at 8.” So despite all that, I thought I played decent. I kinda wish I coulda warmed up...but whatever. It was a fun night. One of the best parts was just hanging out backstage with the other bands and watching the shows that followed me. I did make my way to the bar to get a shot of Jack Daniels...i mean I was at the whiskey...why not? The bartender held up both her hands, “TEN!”..... uh..ten what? Ten quarters? That was the greatest tasting ten dollar shot ever! I decided if I wanted another drink I'd find one back stage for about ten dollars less than that one!
Lady Satan
Roll a cigarette
No Rose
Indigo Blue

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