Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dustin Hoffman and Matt Lammert

Alright! Things are going well out west! The job is pretty good-as far as jobs go. It has taken a little bit of time to get used to the oddities of life in LA. For instance, it's a big win to get a free parking spot about a mile away. If you want to park closer to work you're gonna have to pay for it-which turns out to be $9. So...parking a mile away in my mind is like someone saying, “hey I'll give you 9 bucks to walk a mile”....well ok-i can surely get there early and listen to some tunes as I take a stroll on a nice day. Also there are certain little loopholes like knowing which parking garages open the gates at what time at if you're closing and working late you can park for free. I've never given much thought to parking until I got here. Speaking of that, my parallel parking skills have greatly increased. That would be my advise for someone moving out your money and practice parallel parking if you're not going to valet it every where you go. We also get random celebrities in, which is weird but pretty cool. I was taking an order from a table when a co-worker told me to look who was waiting to be sat-there was Dustin Hoffman very casually dressed with his wife waiting to be sat. “holy crap its rain man!” for the next 40 minutes I fought the urge to start whistling ...and here's to you Mrs. Robinson.
The music side of things is coming along as well. I played a small 3 song show at a coffee house and have been asked back to be a featured artist with a longer set on a Saturday night. Which is kinda cool. I think I'll try playing some electric stuff...but we'll see. And in a craaaazy turn of events I think I've got a bass player...or I'm recruiting one anyway. One of my very best friends in middle school was a guy named Matt Lammert. He was the one that got me totally into Led Zeppelin and was another really really good guitar player. We later joined a rock clinic type deal and played all Led Zeppelin covers under the name The Four Sticks...yes that's also from Led Zeppelin. Anyway-he moved to Kansas in about 8th or 9th grade and I hadn't really been in touch with him until we became friends on Facebook and realized he lives in Huntington beach which is about 30 minutes from where I am in Culver city. So, we've been hanging out and catching up and playing some tunes together. I'm pretty excited about all this-even if things don't gel right musically it's nice to have a buddy from Oklahoma to re-hash stories of us riding our bikes to Norman music to play on their new Joe Perry signature Les Paul and being turned away because we were too sweaty and spending the night at each others houses and daring one another to take drinks from my parent's boxed wine! Haha! So I guess I've been out here roughly 6 months give or take a few weeks and things are coming along nicely. Hope things are going well for you-whoever you are reading this right now! Take er easy!

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