Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello hello!! it's about 11 am pacific time-i'm just kinda getting up and around after last night's show. So...when I just got to LA and I was living in a hostel on hollywood blvd. I emailed a few places about playing out. I landed one at the whiskey which was pretty cool and a few others. I also booked a show a place called unurban cafe but they booked me so far in advance that I sorta forgot about it. At the time I was still in the hostel with no job and no real place to I thought...umm-yeah if i'm still here i'll play. And it was really only for three songs(sort of an extended open mic night). So as things moved along for me out here, that show did slightly slip my mind until I got a confirmation email a few days prior to the show. Luckily enough I had the night off of work, got about two co-workers to come watch my three songs and things were good. The lady hosting the show is javalyn and she hosts indie music night called “java with javalyn”. Anyway, Javalyn later asked me if I wanted to be a featured artist on one of her nights allowing me to play a few more songs in the extended set. This was the first show that I had more than 2 or 3 people out in the audience. This is a really small room so It kinda felt like I packed the joint! I thought I played fairly well...definitely things to work on but probably the best I've played since being out here. One big thing I did was bring an amp and the g and l legacy electric guitar which I've never done in a solo show. So that allowed for some new sounds and a different vibe than the acoustic can provide. I think the highlight of the show were the two songs I did on electric which were “roll a cigarette” which allowed me to go off on a tangent on guitar and seeing as it was John Lennon's 70th birthday the previous weekend I did a version of “strawberry fields” in a sort of Jimi Hendrix style. Anyway I was pretty pleased with the whole deal-and afterward we all met up at a bar down the street which happened to have some karaoke going strong. My friend Brett and I did “Loser” by Beck and watched and sang along as other pizza antica employees did their best journey, garth brooks, and whatever else you can think of that's good to sing along to. So-good night last night! I'm gonna eat something and head to work later this afternoon!

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