Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is this two blogs in January? Look out now!...So in a few minutes I'll be trying to attach some video of a girl named Rachel or Rae and myself...when I first met her she said her name was “Rachel...Rae....wait...not Rachel Rae just call me Rae.” Anyway I met her one night at the Whaler in Venice. She was going to be playing right after me but needed to borrow my guitar...of course you can borrow my guitar Rachel Rae! At first I thought it was kinda funny that she didn't look too much bigger than the guitar, then I was hit by the memory of the dude smashing his guitar and hoped that wasn't some LA dirty trick people pulled...but then she started singing and I was kinda blown away by how big of a voice this little girl had. So for a few weeks we would see each other perform at the whaler, but then kind of randomly we ran into each other at the viper room in Hollywood. Actually it wasn't too random-we both independently decided to check out this guy who we both saw play at the whaler the week before. So after the show and hanging out with quite a few other whaler regulars I ran into her again as I was about to leave...she was waiting for a friend so we started talking about where we worked, food, music and somehow...I'm not even sure how exactly but tattoos came up and she decides she wants to get we literally walk across the street to a tattoo parlor, she tells the guy what she wants, they draw it up, we grab a beer and I sit and watch Rae get inked up. Somewhere during this time we decide we should work on some stuff musically...i think she was getting some music notes on her arm at this that's the little back story of the girl I'm playing Granny Jane I did not get one! It was tempting to be able to say I went to Hollywood and got a tattoo-I met a girl out there with a tattoo too. Oh and the video camera provided by my dad for Christmas...that's the other story! If this works I'll be sure to add more video...we'll see how it goes.
So other things going on...i played on the rooftop of the mall where I work which was really fun-played from 5 to a little after 7 and then went up again from 8ish to a little after 9...the whole day before the show I was busy running errands to get ready for the show-buying new strings, batteries, changing strings, burning Cd's, but the best errand I had to run was to make it to Kinko's to sign and fax the agreements over to Julie the marketing director at mach speed! So I think that deal is a go! I'm playing on the rooftop again on February 11th which is Valentine's day weekend...I'm not sure if I can pull off any Marvin Gaye but I may have to try. So, I've been pretty busy working and playing places and what not but it feels good! Ok...let's see about this video...keep your fingers crossed!

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