Wednesday, January 5, 2011

happy new year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the west side of the world. The new year is feeling good! I got my pay first check from itunes for albums sold-which is pretty wouldn't hurt my feelings if those became a bit more regular. Also...don't want to jinx myself here-but long story short- I'm talking with a marketing director for a company called mach speed technologies. Mach speed makes units similar to ipods and other mp3 players. They are going to pre-load songs and albums and artists onto their systems before they sell them and I may be one of these artists who are pre-loaded onto the unit. So...hopefully in the next few weeks Indigo Blue will begin to get into the hands of many more people than I would be able to get it to. Anyway...looking forward to that and pretty much feeling good about the new year! I'm also looking forward to seeing my family in February.
I'm feeling very good but things weren't exactly awesome there for a while, mostly due to the fact that someone actually got under my car in the middle of the night and sawed out a part of my exhaust called the catalytic converter. I obviously noticed in the morning when it sounded like someone had replaced my engine with a supped up v8 race car engine...i didn't really think anyone actually did that but that something was really really wrong. So I sorta coasted down the hill in which I live and into the jiffy lube at the bottom. The guy said it was probably just a hole in the exhaust and that I could drive it for a short while but get it fixed when I could. That was actually a pretty funny time because I was driving it around nice areas of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Malibu etc...i mean literally my car sounded like a tractor! So needless to say I got a number of odd looks; car alarms would go off as I passed by and it really sounded good when I would enter into an enclosed cement parking garage...i really couldn't even listen to music due to the loud rumble underneath me. I felt like I should don my John Deere hat put in a dip and a gun rack in the back...but I felt like I should go ahead and fix the problem and hide the fact that I am indeed a redneck out here in LA. It was however bad news that I had to pay for a whole new part instead of a simple patch up job. The cost difference in those two are definitely in the hundreds.
So a few days earlier my friend Matt tells me him and his brother bought me a ticket to see Roger Waters perform the Wall in Anaheim. I had told them no I couldn't really afford it but Matt insisted that if I was a Pink Floyd fan that I absolutely had to go and actually he had already bought me a that was about the only arm twisting he had to do. So that was a strange day...i learn that someone sawed out a part of my car that cost me big time and my friend buys me a ticket to Roger Waters-talk about a pendulum swing of emotions. I think I said this somewhere in this blog but being out here so far has been a series of pretty wild ups and downs and that was definitely the case in the extreme on this particular day.
So got through that, spent Christmas reading through the first few chapters of Luke on the beach in Venice and then went to the movies. Spent new years eve and new years day working(which probably kept me out of trouble). The GM of the restaurant did pop a few bottles of our sparkling white wine as the ball dropped. Hmmm....what else? I think your caught up on the events in my life out here. One of my resolutions is to write more which hopefully will be in blog form for some of that. Alright! Happy New Year!

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