Wednesday, August 3, 2011

little people show

I've got a bit of catching up to do. A number of story worthy events have occurred recently-and I figure I should write about them now that I've got a day off, a pot of coffee on the brew and Godfather two on the tube. Let's start with the little people show. I met Rebecca Curran at a friends birthday party at a Cuban cigar and rum bar in Hollywood a few months ago. She is a little person or midget, dwarf...I'm not exactly sure the politically correct term but you get the point. More important though is she is an amazing gal! Very cool, funny, caring, does charity work and volunteering etc etc etc...we ended up talking, smoking fine cigars and drinking rum that night. She even came out to a gig or two over the next weeks and months. She then sent me an email about playing a national little people convention at the hyatt in long beach , which I was pretty honored. Of course I would play!
Come to find out I was playing on the last night of a week long extravaganza. I guess the big ceremony was the night before so the festivities had died down a little. I played in a pretty big ball room but like I said the festivities had died down so it was a lot of me playing to the sound man. There was quite a bit of in and outs-people coming in and hanging out for a while, dancing a little. It was really a pretty funny scene. I don't think the irony was lost on anyone that I am surely the tallest singer they could have had play. What's funny though is I had so many people say things like, “you played at a little people convention?? did you like tower over everyone?” ummm....yes. Not unlike every other day of my life. Anyway it was definitely a unique night. I saw little people families and couples hooking up at the was wonderfully odd! It was like getting a glimpse into a different world.
Well...I'm gonna start reading the Italian subtitles in the godfather. I still need to write about the whiskey show and my recent street performing...all good stuff!

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