Monday, December 6, 2010

thanksgiving, new songs and a crazy guy at the coffe shop

Hi there-sorry I missed out on a November blog. My excuse this time is the fact that my internet went out and I just haven't gotten it back on. Now...when I say my internet went out-I mean the free Wi-Fi I've been picking up got disturbed and its been a no go. I didn't go get my own internet immediately because I thought that it would magically come back...seeing that it was magically there when I got here. I guess someone wised up and put a password on the thing. Anyway there has been a lot going on out here. I've been playing every Tuesday at a bar called Whaler's in far it's been a really good time. I can try out new songs, play a few covers, improve old songs and hear other really good musicians do the same thing. So far the names of the new songs I've played are; tarot cards, the snake oil salesman, the Montana song and Medusa. A few that are aaalost ready to be tested are Whispers and Echos, Priestess, Almost home, Woman, Screaming Bloody Murder, Poison and the Irish song. Of course all names are subject to change. I remember seeing a thing on the band Blue Oyster Cult and a pretty common thing that other musicians said was that they had cool song titles-like Don't fear the reaper and Godzilla among others...anyway-that's a pretty fun part of writing songs is actually naming the song-sometimes there is not an obvious title amongst the lyrics so you just throw out something weird.
OK-so in November, I did spend Thanksgiving here in LA and actually house/dog sat again. It was a bit lonely but if your gonna be on the lonely side of things I was definitely in a good spot- over looking the pacific. And I don't have a TV in my apartment so being able to watch football was pretty nice also. I did make turkey eggs and a turkey sandwich and took a nap with fig and took her up to the edge of the canyon to watch the sunset. So, actually it was a pretty unique thanksgiving-just kinda missed my family. I do believe I'll be making my way back to Texas/Oklahoma in February so I'm looking forward to that!
And I gotta tell you a story of playing at this coffee house the other night...Friday I guess it was. I got to this place pretty early to see one of my buddies play a few songs and was just kinda hanging out....eating a Californian bagel sandwich and drinking a coconut tea-which was pretty awsome by the way. So as I'm sitting there I notice what seems to be an Alice Cooper look alike come in with an electric guitar slung on his shoulder-he had somesort of a police man style hat on, painted black circles around his eyes, leather pants, gloves with the fingers cut out, cigarette in hand etc...only in LA right? So this coffee house up until now had been really really quiet, very chill atmosphere-whispering to talk to people-that kind of vibe. So Javalyn the host introduces the next performer and Alice Cooper gets up on stage. I am veeeery curious at this point-with this get up he is either really talented and very eccentric....or he just kinda sucks and is crazy(i don't think there is any in between with guys like that). So he starts out by kinda mumbling something about the song he is about to play and starts sortof playing an out of tune chord and still kinda trying to mumble some lyrics.....after about 40 seconds of this he just starts to scream some choice profanities at his guitar and absolutely chunks his guitar on the ground and storms out of the place proving to me that he was definitely not eccentric and talented...that's right...he sucked and was way crazy!! or on crack, I dunno. I actually needed to go get my guitar out of my car so I kinda followed him out of the place and saw him get in his car and leave. I was playing last that night and figured if didn't come back I was gonna take that guitar! Well- he actually broke the thing into pieces so no new guitar for me. By the end of my set and the end of the night he had yet to come back, so I did actually take his guitar strap which is a pretty cool one. Part of it is pretty much a bandolier with bullets on it...which I think looks pretty cool. Other than that I thought I played well and was a good night!
Well-that's about it for now. Hope everyone who reads this is having a good day! gad
ps...i've been trying to post pictures of the busted guitar, me playing and the coffee shop but somethings not letting me do it-oh how i love computers! anyway-i'll get those up soon!

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