Thursday, May 13, 2010

From Gallup

I'm sitting on the bed of a sleep inn in Gallup, New Mexico watching 24 and strumming some tunes on my favorite Taylor the way my favorite guitar is the one I'm playing right now. Right now it's the Taylor-yesterday it was my uncle's Guild. After my insane week with 1st graders my mom and I went to our farm in Nacogdoches, Texas. I've written quite a few songs sitting on the swing in front of the red house. The songs “Indigo Blue” and “Old Guitar” come to mind. I do love the farm. It was cool to walk around the front pond with a chorus of bull frogs, tree frogs, crickets and probably quite a few other critters joining in with lightening bugs leading the way as the sun set. They all produced the great white noise of the swamp! After that we came back, I packed up and headed out on this little journey/adventure/life experiment of mine. I stopped by my Dad's and then to my brother's to see the fam! Then a little farther west to my grandparents house in Altus, Oklahoma. This is where I played on my then favorite guitar, the Guild! I love Altus! I always get some good guitar lessons from my uncle Jeff. My other uncle Lee did the artwork on the album which I think is way cool! Some very memorable Christmases occurred when my first acoustic guitar showed up next to my stocking and a few years later when I was lead on some what of a treasure hunt to find my first electric guitar. I remember stepping on a small box while passing out presents. I felt bad because I probably just ruined whatever was in the box...but it didn't have a name on it so I moved on. When all the presents were handed out there was still that one crushed up sad looking little box. I asked my dad who's it was and still felt bad about stepping on it. He said he didn't know but to just open it and see what it was. To my surprise four guitar picks came out with directions where to look for something to use em on. What a day!! Now I just need some directions on how to get to California! Ha! I've been on I40 for about 8 hours today and I think tomorrow looks about the same. It's a really pretty drive though... After having to fight the wind in west Texas....other than that its been awesome! Gonna try to get some sleep before continuing west. GOODNIGHT!!!

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