Thursday, May 13, 2010

out in LA

I made it! I'm at a pay by the week motel on Whitley ave. around the corner from Hollywood blvd. I got in pretty late last night after a long drive from Flagstaff. I was planning on being quite a bit further down the road than that but a sand storm held me up in Winslow Arizona-it was such a fine sight to see. So...I 40 was out of commission and I began debating whether or not to get off course to try and go around the storm. If someone is reading this that doesn't know me very well...i am absolutely notorious for getting lost in even the places I've been dozens of times before, let alone new places in new states. Against maybe my better judgment I try to sneak around the storm...and of course I go about 40 miles in the wrong direction...typical. Actually I went the right direction just past where I was supposed to turn which was Lake Mary Rd. off of 87 south. Anyway- I'm in this motel for the next week. I've emailed some people about apartments and spent most of the day trying to get familiar with the subways and buses. For the most part I feel a bit overwhelmed. What did I just do?!?! I don't know what made it sink in that I am in a crazy place...coulda been the shaman/medicine man named Moses I had a conversation with in the lobby, or it coulda been the lady yelling that we're all gonna f-ing die, or it coulda been the girl next door giving a guy very descriptive directions on how to get to the gay and lesbian bar. Oh well...we'll see what tomorrow brings!

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