Sunday, May 2, 2010

obviously i haven't gotten myself in the habbit of writing in this thing. a lot of cool stuff is going on though. got the album done, artwork done, website is almost done. i'm packing my stuff and cleaning my room getting ready to head west to california. i keep getting called to do some substituting though. i figure its a good way to get a few more bucks in my pocket before going. that was until i accepted a job to do a week in a first grade class while the teacher was administering the taks test. i walk into the classroom and the first thing that happens is one of the little first graders greets me with a karate chop to my balls...the week kinda went down hill from there. to get the kids out of the school while the oh so ever important taks test is going on, we went on a field trip to the zoo. me and the first graders actually got the zoo security called on us...wait it was actually them that got the zoo sheriff out but because i was wearing a school shirt and badge i kinda got in trouble for it. i always liked it when we had subs in school but i'm not too keen on the other side of the equation. anyway...these kids got two parrots to start fighting by doing the "fight! fight! fight!" chant. of course i don't really know any of their names so its kinda harder for me to get their attention and get em to stop. we had the zoo patrol follow us the rest of the day. i'm just glad none of the kids had an "accident" at the alligator pond. needless to say that week persuaded me to get my stuff done so i can go to california and persue my dreams of making music!

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