Monday, May 17, 2010

ups and downs

I'm approaching being here a week now...and so far it's been full of ups and downs. I tend to get a little stressed out and overwhelmed by I get a job first, then an apartment? Or the other way around? Why is there so much traffic? Where's my buddy Moses? What if I don't find a job a place to live? What if what if what if....on the other hand- we have different fingers...AND it's REALLY exciting! On Friday I was scrolling through jobs on Craigslist when I saw something about being an extra in a horror I called the agency and and made an appointment for later that day-which was actually about 2 blocks down the street. I went to Kinko's printed some head shots and went on my way. I got there at 4pm to meet the agent. I signed in and got a script to read to the agent when they called us in. pretty funny scene-sitting there watching everyone reading over their script silently in their heads. Anyway- I get called in and talk to the lady a while and do my little reading...i was supposed to be a guy whose back was going out! Ha! She asked for more head shots and a resume for their system which I guess I take a good sign. After finding out I played guitar she asked if I was fluent in french-she was looking for a guitar playing french guy in another movie. Dang! I shoulda said we! Later that evening, after walking down sunset strip to buy groceries, I went to a place called the Hotel cafe where singer songwriters play their tunes. It gets so quite in there! I had to whisper to the bartender for my drink. “psst....can I get a Guinness? Shhh!” I chose Guinness due to the fact that it would take me a while to drink that meal in a can. It was all really cool stuff.
On Saturday my friend Emily got me a ticket to a small concert on a vineyard in was every bit as cool as it sounds! Can't really even describe how pretty it was! I got to meet a lot of great people who were all excited that I had moved here just the other day. I got lots of “Welcome to California!”s and got to hear a lot of other people's stories that started out in a similar fashion. We then joined the band to a house party where the bass player was DJ-ing. The house turned out to be this huge mansion in the hills over looking the city...i kinda had to keep pinching myself. It was a nice welcome to the city! Of course I then had to come back to the reality of needing to get a job and real place to live. Like I said ups and downs. Anyway-tomorrow is another day and I can't wait to see what it holds!!

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